Art by Enzo Trapani

Welcome to Enzo Art

A website dedicated to the works of Enzo Trapani, Artist-MD, and the development of Enzology™ to promote the correlation between a positive environment and better health.

“As I create a piece, emotions become colors on the canvas…

these feelings are displayed as colors without any specific form…

as emotion is equally formless”

- Enzo Trapani

About Enzo

Enzo Trapani was born in Argentina and moved to the USA in the mid 80’s to become a doctor of neurology. However, it was not until he pursued his dream as an artist that his life changed. In order to reach people using colors and form, he spends a great deal of time creating, blending colours, taking photos, and shaping stones without altering nature. Trapani’s art is characterized by a deep relationship with the natural world: his artworks always talk about light, sky, matter, universe, energy and above all about the love for nature and the amazement in front of her.


“As a neurologist and artist, I have come to realize how important colors are in our daily life.  In every moment, from birth, to waking up every day, the first thing we see is colors, which influence us in so many ways. Color is a vibration of energy. Everyone can see this vibration of energy in different ways which gives color different meanings.”